Day 8: What Not to Do Abroad

After a week with 8 students, I have come away with a few tips. More accurately, what one should not do while traveling abroad. (Names and/or sexes have been changed to protect the innocent. Any […]

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Day 6: Metro Theatre or Street Mooning. You Choose.

(Channeling my inner Sophia): Picture it. Paris. 2016. Students are riding the Metro for the first time when a guy puts a curtain up in front of them. Out come two puppets singing some song in […]

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Day 5: The Past Becomes New Once Again

Travel days hurt. And since yesterday was all about going from Great Britain over the English Channel to Normandy, I’m chalking the lack of a Day 4 post due to exhaustion from hearing French pre-teens […]

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Day 3: Thou Tryest Something New

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. There was no Day 2 post. Why? Because I was running on 48 hours of no sleep so when I came to the hotel and slept from 8pm […]

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Day 1: #LUTraffickers and $20 Margaritas at JFK

Today we’re celebrating a monumental occasion: everyone arrived at Dulles on time and no one forgot their passports. Personally I’m chalking this up as a win for the first day of our study abroad trip. Setting […]

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Longwood University Goes to London~Normandy~Paris 2016

Yes, I haven’t updated this bloody thing for a long time. My bad. But here I am co-leading a study abroad trip for Longwood University to London, Normandy, and Paris and thought it might make for […]

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Chicago Bound For Tall Ships

Early in an August morning, I boarded the South Shore and found an old orange seat suitable for the ride. I was ready for my adventure. I was going to see what life was like […]

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Second Blog Entry

Yep, another test. Just ignore this. Seriously, don’t do anything. WordPress is annoying me.

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First Blog Entry

Nothing really to see here. All I’m doing is trying to figure out how to work this shit.

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Cowboy Stuff, 2013

This photo was taken during the Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo at the 2013 St. Joseph County 4H Fair.

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